S was Diagnosed in 2003, when he was 3, with High functioning autism. Now he comes across as any other boy, makes jokes, plays games and watches spongebob. Its not apparent he has a difficulty so people either think he is naughtly, has odd ways, or do not take us seriously.
He is like any other boy...and he has autism.
E was born in 2005, and does not have autism. He acts in ways that I had no idea about, laughs at my jokes, acts like a clown, plays with toys and watches spongebob too.
He is like any other boy...just like his brother
This is my musings, experiances, and anything else as the mum of one son with autism, and one son without it. I hope it makes a difference.

Touch wood


I'm still here, but Ive not had much to blog about lately on the autism front.
I don't want to fill this blog up with useless, boring posts, about how I broke my little toe the other day (true, and ow) so there will be times where I don't post for a while, but the blogs still active!!

As I say, nothing much has happened, touch wood, well, I did tell S that I would start giving him pocket money ( hes grasping the money concept well now) if he keep his room tidy.
He said "no, I'm not doing THAT".
I said " right OK then, just don't ask me for any money for the shop."

He hasn't, so that worked well then didn't it!

He also went for a group visit to his new middle school, called a transition group for the kids that may have trouble adjusting to the new school life. He said it was boring because they just went in and out of each classroom, being told what happened in each room. Oh well, I think overall he will be fine, we may have ropey first week, but lets wait and see.

That's it, everything been great, the housing people agreed with my appeal that I should be able to bid on 3 bedroom council houses, (they said I could only bid on 2 bed) so that's sorted, and Ive signed up for my next Open university course - creative writing!! Crikey!

Its twitter and this blogs fault I'm doing it..it seems to have been a natural journey, as I wanted (and people have agreed its a good idea!) to write a autism book, based on this blog, for UK parents. I still want to, but found it hard to organised my thoughts, so hence the course. In the meantime, Ive tumbeled into writing fiction for the first time, and have an idea for a novel about a boy with autism. I'm also writing some short stories, so I'm going to just go with the flow, and see where it all takes me.

Thanks to everyone for all the brilliant comments , they really make my day and encourage me.
So I'll blog when something autism related happens instead of boring you about my little toe or what I had for dinner last night......just follow me on twitter for that!

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Im a full time single mum of 2 boys. My eldest son is 9 and has autism, my 4 year old does'nt! im studying creative writing with the ou, and i'm a sci fi geek...sorry!

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