S was Diagnosed in 2003, when he was 3, with High functioning autism. Now he comes across as any other boy, makes jokes, plays games and watches spongebob. Its not apparent he has a difficulty so people either think he is naughtly, has odd ways, or do not take us seriously.
He is like any other boy...and he has autism.
E was born in 2005, and does not have autism. He acts in ways that I had no idea about, laughs at my jokes, acts like a clown, plays with toys and watches spongebob too.
He is like any other boy...just like his brother
This is my musings, experiances, and anything else as the mum of one son with autism, and one son without it. I hope it makes a difference.

Autism/blogger networks

I wanted to post about a couple of networks that Ive joined in the past few weeks which I think are really good and have already enabled me to meet some other autism parents and blogger
They are the autism-network and the britishmummybloggers.

Both these sites are social networks set up by individuals. They both work on the same principal and offer you a place to blog, join groups, add discussions and meet like minded people.

The autism-network is for anyone with an interest in the autistic spectrum, from individuals with autism to parent/carers of children of any age. Its a world wide network, and its member numbers are growing everyday. Ive already met some people on there and I update my blog posts regularly. The site also has a resources page and is continually updated, so I recommend joining if you have an interest in ASD.

As for British mummy bloggers (BMB) Don't let the name fool you, its for Dads aswell!
This is a wonderful network to met up with other UK parent blogger's. Ive met some great people on there already and discovered some wonderful blogs, which i would never have found other wise. There are lots of groups from regional, to media requests, and of course my own autism parents group! Its a busy friendly group which always has something going on, and is open to any parent blogger in the UK.

So there you go, a brief look at my 2 favourite networks, !! I definitely recommend joining either or both of them, depending on your interests.

Someone told me about them, and if they hadn't, then I would never had known, so I thought I would do the same, enjoy.


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Im a full time single mum of 2 boys. My eldest son is 9 and has autism, my 4 year old does'nt! im studying creative writing with the ou, and i'm a sci fi geek...sorry!

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